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Eye Media's concept for Web Content Management began in the 1990's with the vision that the Web was destined to become an organisation's most critical communications medium. We wanted its use to be competitive and effective. Content should be in the hands of communicators and writers, not technical software coders or a single administrator.

Eye Media Australia pioneered Australia's first “Distributed Authoring” website in 1997 for then Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett.  This site was the forerunner to today’s Web Content Management Systems. It incorporated powerful features such as sophisticated approval workflow, dynamic “on-the-fly” creation of navigation menus, accessibility for the disabled and streaming multimedia content with ease of use for both technical and non-technical staff.

Eye Media continued the CMS revolution in the late 1990's with Australia's first fully featured, enterprise-wide, combined Intranet and Extranet powered by a custom Content Management System, for AMP.

Fifteen years later, Eye Media's Web Content Management Systems have powered the smallest pages to the largest websites for Australian businesses and government clients.  The founding principles of flexibility, usability, innovation, and manageability continue in the latest versions of Eye Media's WebInterprise Content Management System.

Today, WebInterprise provides an incredible array of features which are easy to  use, as well as design flexibility for the management of any number of Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Mobile sites from a single system.

For larger corporate and government organisations, WebInterprise continues to lead Content Management innovation with its unlimited ability to implement approval and business rules that provide full Quality Control and Workflow. Eye Media's ability for allowing seamless Integration of WebInterprise into any application or data-source is now legendary.

Finally, Eye Media has the tools, processes and experience necessary to help you with Making the Move to WebInterprise. Our specialist team can make the process quick, easy and disruption-free while delivering immediate value for money.  The golden rule is, if your move to a sophisticated web content management system means major migration cost, potential delay and throwing away your current web site and assets, you are choosing the wrong system.

We welcome you to meet with us to explore the benefits of Eye Media Australia’s experience and passion for innovation.